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updated 26th October, 2021
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Afternoons with Deborah Knight

Deb Knight back with you again, with the latest in News, Entertainment and technology.

(Tuesday, 26.10.21) Got some quesitons and concerns around what your consumer rights are around booking International travel? We speak with Alison Elliott from Choice to get some answers.

We also chat with HG Nelson about his new book "Fairytale".

Then let's get into Legal Matters with John Mann.

And it's Tuesday, time for your check up. We're talking about Geriatric Health with Dr Des Graham.

Afternoons with Sofie Formica

Sofie Formica joins you this afternoon, with the latest in news, entertainment and technology.

(Tuesday, 26.10.21) The value of Queensland Taxi drivers license plates have fallen due to ride share services, we talk to the CEO of the Taxi Council of Queensland, Blair Davies about the fight for compensation.

With the Queen facing a serious health crisis what will the transition of our next head of state look like? Should Charles abdicate to William? We speak with USQ Royal Expert, Jess Carniel.

And petrol prices are going through the roof, we find out what's ahead and when and where the deals are happening, so you can choose the best time and place to fill up.

After 2, we speak to Ken Kayto about hail in Cabootlure.

Australia Overnight with Tony Moclair

Join Australia Overnight to help you get through the early hours with News, views and laughter from midnight tonight.

Australia Overnight with Michael McLaren

If you're a night owl, Australia Overnight is here to keep you company. Stay informed and entertained till the early hours, tonight from Midnight.

Australia Overnight Weekends

Up late on the weekend? Join Luke Grant to stay informed and entertained.

The Garden Clinic

Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? Well, the Garden Clinic probably can't help with that particular issue. But there's plenty of other questions they can answer..

Money News with Brooke Corte

Brooke Corte on Money News tonight, from 7PM, with the latest on business, real estate and the economy.

Neil Mitchell Show

Neil Mitchell with you again this morning, talking about all the news and opinions that matter.

(Tuesday, 26.10.21) We're Out of Left Field today, with Fiona Patten.

(Wednesday, 27.10.21) Let's talk about what's inside our heads, as we discuss psychology with Michael Carr-Gregg.

(Friday, 29.10.21)  Power To The People, with Tony Shaw today and the end of the week, so we'll find out which pub is the Pub Of The Week.

Nights Denis Walter

Denis Walter, back with you tonight talking footy, finance, gardening and more.

(Tuesday, 26.10.21) Mindfulness, gardening and the news of the day, don't miss it tonight with Denis Walter.

(Wednesday, 27.10.21) We've got your Footy Tips and your Nightcap tonight.

(Thursday, 28.10.21) We'll talk motoring with James Ward.

(Friday, 29.10.21) We'll find out What's On, what's been happening and Dennis will let you know what dishes you should be trying.

Nights John Stanley

Breaking news and current affairs, it's all covered for you tonight with John Stanley.

Ray Hadley Morning Show

With the latest news and views in the morning, Ray Hadley will keep you up to date.

(Tuesday, 26.10.21)
McDonald's Australia CEO, Andrew Gregory speaks with Ray about McDonalds Recruitment Drive.

Tom Elliott Show

Tom Elliott joins you this afternoon, talking about the events impacting your world.

(Tuesday, 26.10.21) We talk Sport with David Schwarz.

(Wednesday, 27.10.21)
We talk Finance with Scott Haywood and Age and Attitude with Dylan Buckley.

Wide World of Sports

The Wide World of Sports is back this evening, with the biggest names in sport with the opinions on the game that matter.

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