Nine Radio Syndication.

Program Changes

Please note the following line-up changes to NRS network shows.

If a show is not listed, it is unchanged. Dates are inclusive, times are local to the program source.

Daylight Saving (EDT) starts 1st Sunday of October at 0200, clocks go forward 1 hour and ends 1st Sunday in April at 0300, clocks go back 1 hour.

News Services operate to normal schedules through the year; exception is weekend format applies for a two week period Christmas / New Year.

  • Rural News
  • NSW News
  • QLD News
  • VIC News

Program Changes, including Presenter Leave and replacement announcer(s):

  • Christmas Day
  • Afternoons Deborah Knight
  • Australia Overnight with Michael McLaren
  • Australia Overnight with Tony Moclair
  • Ben Fordham Comments, Highlights, Weekend Edition
  • Breaking Politics
    • not available 21.12.2020 to 04.02.2021
  • Chris Smith Weekend
  • Commsec Report
  • Garden Clinic
  • House of Wellness
  • Money News and Money Week Brooke Corte
  • Neil Mitchell Show
  • Nights Denis Walter
    • replacement TBC 05 to 09.04.2021
    • replacement TBC 28.06 to 09.07.2021
    • replacement TBC 20 to 24.09.2021
    • replacement TBC 20.12.2021 to 14.01.2022
  • Nights John Stanley
  • Ray Hadley Country Music Countdown
  • Ray Hadley Morning Show
    • replacement Mark Levy 29.03.2021
    • replacement Mark Levy 12.04 to 16.04.2021
  • Ray Hadley Weekend Highlights
  • Remember When
  • Tom Elliott
  • Two Murrays
  • Wide World of Sports Mark Levy, including the Weekend Edition

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